Thursday, January 7, 2010

Those tough questions

Ever have a really tough question in life? Ever want to see the Big Picture or maybe know the future...not just the physical future but the more important spiritual future? Have you ever wanted to understand, truly understand, how all things fit together eternally?

Most importantly, does God answer those really tough, really deep questions?

Maybe that's why I loved last week's lesson in Gospel Doctrine.

Moses tells Satan to go away because he has more things he wants to "inquire" of the Lord. Satan, disobedient from the beginning, doesn't leave. Moses really has to work to get him out of his life. (Don't we all?)

Once Satan is finally gone, Moses goes to the Lord and asks Him two really deep questions...questions far beyond what's going to happen tomorrow. After beholding the entire earth and every soul thereon, Moses asks the Lord, "Tell me, I pray thee, why these things are so and by what thou madest them?" (Moses 1:30)

Now here is the part that really jumped out at me...the Lord answers him!!!

Here are two of the deepest, more profound questions regarding the creation of the world and all of mankind--and the Lord clearly answers him! He withholds nothing. No beating around the bush, no cryptic response. Just direct and clear answers to Moses' questions.

How did you make them? "By the word of my power, have I created them, which is mine Only Begotten Son, who is full of grace and truth" (Moses 1:32).

And why did you make them? "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man"(Moses 1:39).

It struck me: the Lord really, truly stands ready to give us answers to our toughest, deepest questions. He is not a god of secrets or of leaving men in darkness. He is a God of light and intelligence who--as the scriptures proclaim--really wants to share all that He has with us. And that includes sharing His knowledge. All we need to do is be ready and worthy by truly getting Satan out of our lives and then humbly asking Him.

We truly can ask Him anything and He will answer.


  1. Sister Adams,
    It warms my heart to see blogs that testify of the gospel and its goodness. So many forums, including LDS ones, discourage posting spiritually packed posts, saying they're not appropriate. I believe talking about or writing about the Savior and the Gospel is always appropratiate. So your blogs, I read parts of several of them, were great. My own blog is bascially inactive. I haven't posted anything new for a long time. Just not motivated, I guess. I plan to check out your blog more often.


    Charlie Moore

  2. Charlie, Thank you for your kind and encouraging words! To me the Gospel is more than just Sunday School. It is life, so I decided to share that life with whoever wants to join in.

    I hope to see you here often, and at I enjoy your comments and insights there, too.

    Keep writing and please reactivate your blog! We need more words like yours out there.

    Sincerely, T. Lynn Adams

  3. This is a huge point. The Christian world has totally misunderstood the whole purpose of existence becasue they do not know Gods purpose. They think God made the world and us for his own little hobby. Thus they think we are pre-destined. If they understood that God made the world for US,then they would understand forordination and the plan of Salvation.

  4. Gary, very wise. You are all boils down to understanding His deep and eternal love for us.

    We truly are His children and all He does He does because of His deep love for US. He does nothing for Himself..not even the creation of this world. Oh, to learn and give true service like that!