Monday, March 22, 2010

Guillermo's cell phone

While in Peru in 2008, I met Guillermo—a young man with Down Syndrome--who visited with us like old friends. He showed us karate moves and told us of his talents and interests.

At one point during our visit a cell phone rang. Every American checked their pockets. Nope, it wasn’t any of their phones.

The call was for Guillermo. He had his own cell phone.

I was touched by the thought his parents had lovingly provided him with one so they could stay in touch as he grew and developed the freedom he needed. I was also amazed to find cell phones had become such a complete part of world society, even in a struggling country like Peru.

Have you ever thought about cell phones?

We spend a small fortune each month just for the privilege of carrying them around with us. If we forget them, we go back to the house to retrieve them.

Each night we carefully plug them in to make sure they are charged and ready to go the next day.

During the day we spend countless minutes--even hours--texting, calling and staying in touch with others. (Our monthly phone bill lets us know just how much time!)

And if we don’t want to be interrupted, we can turn off the phone simply by pushing a button.

Most of us don’t, though. We leave our cell phones on all day long. We send and receive calls, texts, photos, songs, videos and more. If our child at home takes those first steps while dad is at the office, he can still see that event thanks to the marvels of cell phone service.

Best of all, they are great for emergencies. If you break down or forget to bring your son’s shoes to a wrestling meet, just whip out the cell phone, punch a few buttons and help is on its way. (As long as you are in an area that has cell phone coverage.)

Cell phones are pretty cool.

Now, have you ever really thought about prayer?

Isn't it touching that our Heavenly Parents have provided us a way to stay in touch as we grow, develop and experience the freedom we need?

But He doesn't send us a monthly bill for the service. Prayer is free. You don’t have to spend any money to commune with God. If you leave the house in the morning and forget to pray, you don’t have to turn around, either. You can pray right where you are. And what if the whole world was as committed to carrying a prayer with them when they left their house in the morning as they are their cell phones!?

At night, what if we carefully made sure we were plugged into Heaven through personal prayer to recharge our souls so we would be ready for the next day?

Do we spend more time texting and chatting with friends during the day than we do with the Lord? Sadly, I think that answer for most of us is yes. But what if we changed that? What if we spent more time during the day thinking of God and communing with Him while we drove down the road or as we took a break from work?

And what if we never turned off our spiritual phone?

Think of all the texts, calls, messages, thoughts, impressions and spiritual moments He could send to you each day? See that beautiful flower or a child's smile? God sent it to you to tell you He loves you and is thinking of you.

And what if, every time we saw a beautiful flower or something wonderful, new or exciting happened to us during the day, we immediately thought to call God in a prayer of gratitude? Or what if we called in prayer just to visit or share with Him moments from our day?

We can even have Him on speed dial!

Best of all, we don’t need cell phone coverage to call for Divine help. We can call on Him anytime, anywhere and He will hear.

Prayer is pretty cool. Wouldn't it be neat if it became as much of a valued part of world society as cell phones?

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