Monday, June 28, 2010

The clock is ticking.

My neighbor didn’t see me in the gym this morning and, upon arriving home, discovered the reason. I was in the yard, weeding. We laughed when I explained I’d probably be more sore after weeding than after hitting the treadmill.

The truth is, with limited time I had to make a choice.

Our conversation stayed with me as I dug and pulled at more weeds around the yard. I reflected on the choices we have to make every day and the fact that no one has enough time to accomplish everything on their “to do” list.

That means things will be left undone.

No one has enough money to handle every situation that comes their way. That means there will be financial stress.

No one has enough self-esteem that they don’t feel pain. That means there will be hurt and aching hearts.

The test was never meant to be about what we would do with enough. If so, we would all have enough, and to spare.

The test, then, has always been about what we will do when there is not enough! Will we still choose the Lord?

When time is tight, will we still go to church on Sunday or will we choose to work, recreate, or relax? With limited time, will we choose to read the scriptures each day or pray, or will we choose some other worldly thing to fill our day?

When money is tight, will we still choose to share tithes and offerings with the Lord? Will we choose to send our children on missions or go ourselves? Will we serve others with those funds, or will we spend that money on things for us?

When someone offends us, will we choose to do as the Lord has asked and forgive them, or repent and change if they are right? Or will we choose to brood and sulk, blame others, blame the church, or even blame the Lord?

Each choice truly is ours.

Our love for the Lord isn’t found in a singular decision of devotion that will carry us for the rest of our life. It is announced in each of those daily, quiet moments when we realize we don’t have enough. Will we still choose the Lord?

Especially when we lack, I think the best choice is always the Lord.