Sunday, November 13, 2011

Eyebrows up!

Tonight, after Family Home Evening, we were sitting in the living room visiting. Family Home Evening is a night each week that we set aside to spend time with our family. It’s sad that you have to schedule family nights but, in today’s society, it is necessary. During the evening we talk about family needs and plan schedules but we also discuss values and gospel principles. We teach our children standards and how to stay moral and focused when social pressure weighs on them. Hopefully they listen, learn, understand and apply the moral standards we try to teach.

But my words aren’t about Family Home Evening. They are about what happened after Family Home Evening. We were all sitting around visiting and joking, not ready to separate and go back to our different lives.

Two of my sons, including my oldest—who just returned from serving a mission for our church—started singing some funny song together. Then, the younger singing son said the song reminded him of Megan. We all started laughing.

Now, there are a lot of Megans in this world so, I guess, we all thought of a different Megan. A few moments later, when my son said something that better identified the exact Megan, I looked at him, startled, and said, “You mean Megan A.?”

As he prepared to answer, my returned missionary son said, “Don’t answer that. Her eyebrows are raised. When she raises her eyebrows you are supposed to give her the answer she wants to hear.”

Now, for all of you, I know I don't have to say anymore. You know that is funny because it is SO true. But then my returned missinary son continued; mimicking questions they’ve all heard from me. “You did what?” (He raised his eyebrows to punctuate the question.) “You want to go where?” (Another raise of his eyebrows.) “You were with who?” (He raised his eyebrows again.)

By this time I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe.

“Mom,” he said. “I can see right through you…at least when your eyebrows are raised.”

Note to Self: Practice asking questions without raising your eyebrows!

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  1. Eyebrow-raising is the best! My dad would raise his eyebrows when he spoke very seriously. Somehow it would intimidate people and they would think he was yelling when he never raised this voice!